We are looking for self motivated people looking to run their own business as an Antimicrobial Technician throughout Australia. Be your own boss with no franchise fees and access to one of the newest products on the market.

What is an Antimicrobial Technician?

An Antimicrobial Technician is someone who is trained to apply an antimicrobial surface coating product using an application unit such as a sprayer or fogger.

This could be either a stand alone business specialising in only antimicrobial applications or be added onto an existing cleaning business that wishes to expand their current services.

What Is Nordic Chem?

The occurrence of Covid-19 in our lives has highlighted a problem that has existed forever and that is the indirect transmission of bacteria and viruses known as cross contamination – pathogens on a surface that people touch with their hands who then eat or touch their face transmitting the pathogen onto and into their body.

Nordic Chem was created several decades ago to counter bacteria that cause odor in taxi seats. Its unique “mechanical” termination method works at molecular level with “Nano Spikes” both attracting the pathogenic molecules and bursting their membrane rending the molecule ineffective.

Additionally, the Nordic Chem formula includes a silicate to provide additional surface coating protection, reducing wear and tear in high use / high clean areas. This is a direct development from the parent company of Nordic Chem who is a world leader in the automotive protective coatings industry.

Nordic Chem is classed as a “disinfectant” but unlike its chemical competitors it works at a tested 99% efficacy for up to 90 days. Independent testing certifies NordicChem 99% effective against Covid-19 for 90 days. Nordic Chem does not replace a normal cleaning regime but what it does is drastically reduce the use of high alcohol, bleach based or other strong chemicals because of its long-lasting ability to terminate pathogens on contact.

What We Are Offering You?

This is an INDEPENDENT contractor role.

This is your opportunity to establish a solid profit strong business by providing an in-demand protection system against all surface borne pathogens.

  1. Nordic Chem provides up to 90 days protection against bacterial and virus pathogens, mould, and algae
  2. Nordic Chem provides a tough ceramic surface coating to reduce wear and tear on high clean surfaces
  3. Nordic Chem reduces the need for the high frequency use of toxic chemicals found in most disinfectants
  4. Nordic Chem is applied by spraying technique at a recommended nozzle aperture of 60microns to maximise coverage, evenness of coating and help reduce drying time
  5. Nordic Chem has been independently tested in Laboratories in Europe and in Australia
    • Non-irritant to human skin
    • Bacterial efficacy
    • Human Coronavirus efficacy (30, 60 & 90 day tests with live virus)
  6. Nordic Chem complies with numerous ISO Standards listed in the Nordic Chem Certifications supporting document

What you will receive!

  • 20L of NordicChem concentrate (carton of 4)
  • Ongoing wholesale access to our products
  • Motorscrubber STORM Applicator Kit
  • Handheld USB charged Power Mister
  • Testing Kit and 100 Awareness Stickers
  • 3 sets of disposable PPE
  • Ongoing business support
  • Online training portal
  • Additional lead generation from our website
  • Free online training from the manufacturer
  • Grow a client base with a 30 – 90 day repeat application cycle

$6,500 incl gst


  • Website – up to 5 pages (option to increase size at extra cost)
  • Domain Name ($30 per year after first 12mths)
  • 12mths Hosting ($600 per year after first 12 mths)
  • SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Email setup with Google Workspace (Set up only), $10 per month 

$1,500 incl gst

No Hidden Contracts, No Hidden Franchise Fees
100% Owned And Operated By You

Financial Business Modelling

Our base model considers doing 2 x 100m2 applications per day using 1 x 5 lt of concentrate per week. We offer a recommended application guidance rate per m2, it is however up to the Technician to use their judgement whether the rate is too low or too high based on the size and complexity of the job.

Cost Analysis

Wholesale Purchase Price
Coverage sqm
Ready to Use (mixed 4:1)

$752.12/5L bottle of Nordic Chem concentrate

Sales Analysis

Application fee per sqm
Total Coverage sqm
Income per 5L Bottle


Profit Analysis

Wholesale Purchase Price
Income per 5L bottle
Gross Profit (excl GST)

$752.12/5L bottle of Nordic Chem concentrate

Consider this…  An area of 1,000m2 can be applied in as little as 75 minutes dependant on ease of access

Application Options Guide (Per 5L bottle of Concentrate)

Client Size Fee Guidance # Jobs Income Cost Profit Per 5L
Tiny <50sqm $200 minimum 20 $4,000 $752.12 $3,247.88
Small 100sqm $4.00/sqm 10 $4,000 $752.12 $3,247.88
Medium 200sqm $3.50/sqm 5 $3,500 $752.12 $2,747.88
Large >400sqm $3.00/sqm 3 $3,600 $752.12 $2,847.88

Average 2 Small Jobs/day = $3,247/week => $14,074/mth => $168,889 gross profit/year
Average 3 Small Jobs/day = $5,247/week => $22,740/mth => $272,889 gross profit/year

Your Core Business

(Key AMT Phrase) Reducing the likelihood of the Indirect Transmission of pathogens from surface contact

e.g., A person with the common cold coughs or sneezes the virus onto their steering wheel while driving. The virus gets onto their hands as they steer the vehicle. When they stop and get out of the vehicle to go into a café by opening the shop door, they start indirect transmission chain. They then open and shut food cabinets, use food utensils and the EFTPOS machine, before touching the inside door handle. Therefore, this person has put millions of pathogens onto many high touch surfaces that the next patron who comes into the store will unknowingly get on their hands. Unless they wash their hands before eating or touch their face, rub their eyes or stick their finger in their mouth to dig out a bit of food stuck in their teeth and they are ingesting the virus into their body and the indirect transmission is complete.

Indirect transmission

Respiratory droplets and secretions expelled by an infectious person can contaminate surfaces and objects (4). Indirect transmission via contact with contaminated surfaces and objects may be possible. Live SARS-CoV-2 virus can survive on surfaces for several hours to a few days, depending on the surface type and environmental conditions

The human Coronavirus Covid-19 is part of the wider coronavirus family of which the common cold belongs to. Decades of research have failed to cure or eliminate the common cold. The rapid spread of Covid-19 tipped the world upside down causing unprecedented Government controls across the world to stem its transmission.

This is the first global pandemic since the Spanish Flu in late 1918 – early 1919

“The Spanish flu pandemic emerged at the end of the First World War, killing more than 50 million people worldwide. Despite a swift quarantine response in October 1918, cases of Spanish flu began to appear in Australia in early 1919. About 40 per cent of the population fell ill and around 15,000 died as the virus spread through Australia.”

COVID-19 is NOT the only Pathogen affecting Daily life

Outside of COVID-19, there are thousands of pathogens that can and do affect people’s everyday life, making them sick and they in turn they can spread it to other contacts because infectious states often occur before the host has defined symptoms themselves. The following diagram shows both a range of commonly known pathogens and the scientifically accepted survival rates of these pathogens. This is a powerful tool in selling the concept that while COVID-19 has woken us up to the risks associated with indirect transmission, there is a much larger quantity of debilitating and potentially lethal pathogens in everyday life that can have equally dire consequences on individuals and communities alike.

pathogen survival

The Nordic Chem Antimicrobial Surface Coating Proposition

(Key AMT Phrase) The Nordic Chem Antimicrobial Surface Coating Continuously Terminates Pathogens when the Pathogen contacts a treated surface for up to 60 days after application

The first of two key chemical benefits in Nordic Chem is the “Nano Spikes” and understanding how nature works between the Pathogen and the “Nano Spikes” is essential in being able to explain why Terminationis not a hit or miss occurrence.

(Key AMT Phrase) The majority of Pathogens are negatively charged – this is due to the chemical makeup of the outer surface – so in addition to gravity causing a natural attraction to a surface, the surface coated with Nordic Chem Antimicrobial Surface Coating becomes positively charged.

(Key AMT Phrase) Ionic attraction draws the Pathogen into the “Nano Spikes” to ensure the termination of a viable organism at a cellular level

(Key AMT Phrase) This all transpires at hugely microscopic levels indicated in microns or 1000th of 1mm and the positive charge of the Nordic Chem Antimicrobial Surface Coating is equally tiny posing no risk when touching a surface. E.g., a human hair is +/- 70 microns and covid-19 cell is 50 – 140 nano microns

Nordic Chem Antimicrobial Surface Coating is proven through independent laboratory testing to be able to terminate pathogens and specifically the human coronavirus – Covid-19, with a 99% efficacy over both 30-day and 60-day periods. Listed below is the summary of benchmark testing through independent Laboratories in the United Kingdom and Belgium.

Nordic Chem Antimicrobial Surface Coating meets both EN – European Standards and ISO Standards for certification against highly structured and thorough testing criteria as detailed in specific lab result documents and covered in general terms by the link below on the ISO standards.

(Key AMT Phrase) Nordic Chem Antimicrobial Surface Coating is tested and rated as a non-skin irritant despite its highly effective “Nano Spikes” at a micron level

Independent Laboratory Tests

Our antimicrobial coating has been tested by certified laboratories located in the UK and Belgium.

EN 1276
Assessment of the bactericidal efficacy of Nordic Chem Antimicrobial
Result: over a log5 reduction.

EN 14476
Quantitative suspension test for evaluation of virucidal activity in the medical area
Result: 99.98% reduction of virucidal activity.

ISO 21702
30 days Human Coronavirus test
Result: 99% reduction of virucidal activity.

ISO 21702
60 days Human Coronavirus test
Result: 94% reduction of virucidal activity.

ISO 21702
90 days Human Coronavirus test
Result: 89% reduction of virucidal activity.

Skin Irritant Test
In vitro skin irritation – Reconstructed human epidermis test method
Result: Nordic Chem Antimicrobial coating is considered a skin non irritant.

The full reports of the different tests can be provided on request.


The formulation of our coating has been tested according to different standards in the textile industry:

ASTM E2149
Antimicrobial test for non-migrating technologies

NF ISO 18184 (2014)
Determination of antiviral activity of textile products

NF ISO 18184 (2019)
Determination of antiviral activity of textile products

Results: the formulation shows a >99% reduction in microorganisms within 1h or less. After washing you can still obtain 99% reduction after 24h.

The full reports of the different tests can be provided on request.

Key testing results outside of specific Covid-19 Ratings

EN1276 – Assessment of the Bactericidal efficacy of NordicChem Antimicrobial

Results – over a Log5 reduction (Log5 reduction means the number of pathogens is 100,000 times or more smaller than without application)

(Key AMT Phrase) Nordic Chem Antimicrobial Surface Coating as a Bactericidal is proven to reduce the number of pathogens by at least 100,000 times.

Tests in the textile industry conducted under ISO 18184 (2019) and others concludes Nordic Chem Antimicrobial Surface Coating formulation shows a >99% reduction in microorganisms in 1 hour or less. After washing the fabric you can still obtain a 99% reduction after 24hrs.

Reference the individual test results as and when required

ARTG – Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods

ARTG # 365890

(Key AMT Phrase) The Australian Government Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has very rigid rules around the way in which a product like Nordic Chem Antimicrobial Surface Coating can promote its inclusion onto the ARTG. It may only in any open communication either advertising or email communication allow the reference to the ARTG as expressed above. The use of official Government, Department of Health or the Therapeutic Goods Administration names or symbols is seen as an ENDORSEMENT of the product whereas they only APPROVE the product for use.

It is an important and very relevant industry benchmark to have an ARTG registration, however there is a lot of fine detail in the registration criteria and this means that not all products boasting an ARTG are equal in their ability to do certain things. However, when the Nordic Chem Antimicrobial Surface Coating ARTG is lined up with EN & ISO testing across several categories in independent laboratories then Nordic Chem Antimicrobial Surface Coating stands out from all other contenders.

Surface Protection

The second key chemical benefit of Nordic Chem Antimicrobial Surface Coating at its base is a polymerisation of a ceramic nano coating with antimicrobial properties which offers a unique two-step form of surface protection. This is derived from the parent company’s extensive involvement in development of ceramic coatings for the automotive industry.

(Key AMT Phrase) Nordic Chem Antimicrobial Surface Coating protects the surface it is applied to from undue wear and tear. Areas subject to high frequency cleaning regimes are inclined to wear away faster than if the surface is protected. The likes of store counter tops made of artificial materials like Formica will deteriorate with the high frequency of strong cleaning chemicals. As car polish protects your vehicle NordicChem Antimicrobial Surface Coating protects the surface.

AIOH – Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists

Occupational hygienists use science and technology to measure worker exposures, assess worker risks and develop controls to improve the workplace environment. Occupational hygienists can provide advice on control strategies including hazard elimination, engineering modifications, administrative controls and finally personal protective equipment. We focus on worker health protection by assessing the risk of hazards and improving work conditions and work practices.

You are entering a niche and highly professional area of expertise and the AIOH is a body that you should seek affiliation with, for professional development, contacts and business networking opportunities