Nordic Chem Surface Coverage Details

We recommended using the MotorScrubber® STORM unit which is factory set at 68microns to deliver the right amount of product to create that liquid layer for full surface protection.

Nordic Chem will treat the following surface area:

Size Container Mix Ratio Total RTU Product Application Size (Micron) Coverage Area
5 litres (Nordic Chem container) 4:1 25 litres Storm (68microns) 1000m2
1 litre (Storm bottle) 4:1 1 litre Storm (68microns) 40m2
5 litres Premixed @ 4:1 25 litres Standard Industry Fogger (20microns) not recommended 1875m2
1 litre Premixed @ 4:1 1 litre Standard Industry Fogger (20microns) not recommended 75m2

We do not recommend using anything lower then 68 microns as this does not offer optimal liquid layer results. We believe in total surface protection.

State Health Departments DO NOT RECOMMEND the use of dry or wet fogging for COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection for the following reasons

  • Fogging alone does not achieve the mechanical action of cleaning (removing dirt and grime).
    • Physical removal of dirt is an important step prior to disinfection and should not be omitted.
  • There are potential health and safety risks associated with aerosolised chemical disinfectants including skin, eye, and respiratory irritation. This risk is increased with prolonged exposure experienced by cleaners and vulnerable occupants such as infants and asthmatics.
  • Fogging may leave high levels of toxic residues. Soft furnishings may continue to release the chemicals for a long time after treatment resulting in potential occupational exposure risks.
  • There is significant risk that fogging will not give the disinfectant sufficient contact with the surface to disinfect it effectively.

Wholesale Price Schedule

# 5L Bottles Total Boxes Total Concentrate (L) Total RTU (L) Total SQM Coverage Price/5L Total Price RTU Price/L Per SQM Rate(Storm) Per SQM Rate(Fogger)
Single Bottle 1 5 25 1,000 $725.12 $725.12 $29 $0.73 $0.39
Box 4 1 20 100 4,000 $676.77 $2,707.10 $27.07 $0.68 $0.36
1/2 Pallet Size 88 22 440 22,50 88,000 $543.50 $47,828.35 $21.26 $0.53 $0.28
Pallet/IBC 180 45 900 4,500 180,000 $489.94 $88,188.75 $19.60 $0.49 $0.26

We recommend using the Motorscrubber Storm unit for correct liquid layer application and full protection
Fogger = 75sqm per litre
Storm = 40sqm per litre

Price Comparrison to Zoono Z-71

RTU 48 (240L) Container Comparison (Based on Zoono’s Layer/Box Pricing)

Price Price/L Price/m2
Zoono $6,235.78 $25.98 $0.65
Nordic Chem $6,032.93 $25.13 $0.63

RTU 144 (720L) Container Comparison (Based on Zoono’s Pallet Pricing)

Price Price/L Price/m2
Zoono $15,589.44 $21.65 $0.54
Nordic Chem $14,223.17 $19.75 $0.49

*The price per sqm comparison has been worked out using the Storm application unit of 40 sqm per litre and not using a foggers 75 sqm per litre