90 Days of Surface Protection

In Minutes

A solution that is simple and fast to apply. Contaminants are prevented from embedding into substrates while surfaces are brought back to their natural state without the need for endless spray and wipe or the use of harmful chemicals.

smart cleaning

your overheads, reduced.

Less product and more protection means you don’t need the resources or time to maintain the surfaces. You cut back on product, people and time.

surfaces last much longer.

Less cleaning means less damage to the surface and restoring it the right way makes everything look enhanced. Which also means you don’t need to replace your equipment/furniture as often.

making the right impact.

The Eco-Friendly solution means you curb your impact on the environment. Not only that, but you also cut down on the amount of water you use for cleaning.


Our Sustainable Surface Solution

in line with the challenges of tomorrow

In the upkeep of commercial buildings, a large proportion of waste generated can be attributed to surface cleaning. However, the implementation of this surface coating can greatly alleviate the environmental impact of these maintenance activities.

Upon application, customers can anticipate a substantial reduction in waste, encompassing chemicals, water, and plastics. This is due to the coating’s ability to prolong the life cycle of substrates, resulting in cost savings and diminished waste. Moreover, the coating serves as a protective layer for substrates, leading to reduced cleaning time, labor, cleaning products, and water consumption, all of which can significantly impact the environment.

Notably, our surface coating also provides an enhanced aesthetic appeal to surfaces.

Save On Water

our most precise resource

Commercial pressure washers consume an estimated 14 liters of water every minute, and multiple pressure washers are often used non-stop in many commercial buildings. However, pressure washing can cause harm to substrates by eroding their protective layers and accelerating their aging process. Moreover, this process can cause water, UV, and contaminates to infiltrate materials, resulting in severe damage to the substrates.

Fortunately, the Nordic Chem 2.0 coating can significantly reduce the need for pressure washing, in some cases by more than 70%. This reduction can potentially save millions of liters of water each year per site.

A Reduction In Chemical Usage

time for change is now

A variety of chemicals are used on the interior and exterior of buildings every day.

These chemicals not only have an environmental impact but also cause corrosion to the surfaces they are applied. This corrosion leads to premature aging and shortens the life cycle of the building and its contents.

After application of our coating, these surfaces will be rejuvenated back to their original lustre and protected from fading and corrosion which significantly extends the life cycle of the materials and equipment.

Harsh chemicals can also be replaced by non toxic cleaners as the coating provides a stable surface foundation making it easier for less toxic chemicals to be effective.


application is so easy

To install our water-based product, the surface to be coated must be cleaned thoroughly and free of any dirt, grime, or contaminants.

We suggest using a industrial strength degreaser to ensure all contaminants are removed from the surface.

The product can then be applied using a knapsack sprayer or spray bottle along with a microfibre broom or cloth.

After applying the product, it should be allowed to dry completely before exposing the surface to water.