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Up to 90 days hydrophobic and antimicrobial protection in just minutes on any surface

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LONG-TERM Protection

Antimicrobial sprays have become increasingly popular as a quick and easy way to disinfect surfaces, especially in public places where the risk of infection and illness is high. But did you know that these sprays can provide long-term protection against harmful microbes?

Antimicrobial sprays work by leaving a residue on the surface they are applied to. This residue contains active ingredients that continue to kill microbes for an extended period of time, ranging from a few hours to several weeks, depending on the type of spray. Unlike traditional disinfectants that are quickly wiped away or evaporate within minutes, antimicrobial sprays continue to work even after they have dried.

As a client of Surface Protection Solutions one of the benefits of using our antimicrobial spray is that they can help prevent the spread of illness and infection by reducing the risk of cross-contamination on frequently-touched surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, and countertops. This is particularly important in public places such as hospitals, schools, and offices where germs can easily be spread from person to person.

Make any surface

"a Self-Cleaning surface"

A comprehensive building surface protection solution that is effortless and quick to implement. This prevents contaminants from penetrating into the underlying materials while restoring surfaces to their original state without relying on repetitive spray and wipe techniques or hazardous chemicals.

In essence, buildings are elevated to a new level of excellence that is unattainable through current methods.

Clean Surfaces


Apply a spray to any surface to create an unbreakable barrier that protects against dirt, dust, and other contaminants.


The coating produces a surface that is resistant to the buildup of contaminants, lasting up to 90 days.


The solution not only safeguards the surface but also revitalises it to a “like-new” condition and maintains its appearance.


Protect Your Brickwork
Protect All Types of Fabric

Reduce Your Overheads

More surface protection means you don’t need the resources or time to maintain the surface. You cut back on product, people and time.

Your Surfaces Last Longer

Less cleaning means less damage to the surface and restoring it the right way makes everything look enhanced.

Making The Right Impact

The Eco-Friendly solution means you are doing what you can to make the right impact on the environment.

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Save on Labour And Increase Profits

The Nordic Chem 2.0 solution contains highly potent hydrophobic agents, which gives any surface, self-cleaning properties. This product is proven to reduce commercial cleaners’ labor time by approximately 20% due to the coating’s stain-resistant, contaminants protection, and repulsive properties, while simultaneously enhancing customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, Nordic Chem 2.0 offers considerable savings by reducing the use of cleaning products and other chemicals for surface maintenance. This coating is designed for long-term use, remaining on the surface 24/7, providing customers with a far more sustainable solution than continuous reliance on harmful chemicals. This, in turn, saves labor time and costs for the commercial cleaning and facility management sector.

The product has numerous environmental benefits, which businesses can leverage to their advantage. For instance, it reduces the use of chemicals, plastics, and VOCs, among other benefits.

Surface Protection Application

Elevate the Lifespan of Your Surfaces And Opt For Our Expert Surface Protection Solutions

A More Sustainable Surface Solution

In commercial building maintenance, surface cleaning is the main contributor to waste. Surface Protection Solutions uses Nordic Chem’s 2.0 surface coating that significantly reduces the environmental impacts by lowering the use of chemicals, water and plastics.

Additionally, this coating extends the lifespan of substrates and reduces cleaning time, labor, and cleaning products.

The coating also serves as a sacrificial layer to any substrate, reducing environmental impact while enhances the aesthetic appeal of the surfaces.that

LONG-TERM Surface Protection Solutions