A New Revolution In Surface Protection Is Here

Focusing solely on surface protection and working closely with some of the leading experts in the industry our coatings have been developed with specialised nano technology.

Specilised ceramic coating features and built in antimicrobial nano spikes to fight against viruses like COVID-19, make these coatings some of the best on the market today.

Nano Technology
Antimicrobial Formula
Proven & Certified
Invisible Coatings

What Do We Do?

We believe in offering the full package. We are teaming up with like minded people and businesses across the country to offer you a full package solution if it is required or just one or two of our solutions if your company already has systems in place.


Supply Nordic Chem

We deliver our specially selected products direct to your door, hassle free and with as minimal delay as possible. We understand that as a business you have schedules and timelines to keep and we will go above and beyond to ensure every delivery gets to you as fast as possible.


Nordic Chem Training

We know businesses take training seriously. Knowing your own cleaning staff knows exactly how a product works and is applied is important. We are able to come in, give your staff hands on training about how these products work and are applied as well as supply you with all the technical documentation that is required.


Apply Nordic Chem

Not every business will have the ability to apply these products. With our training supplied direct from the manufacturer we can send in our team to apply these products to ensure the results you receive are of the highest standard.

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