Having Complete Surface Protection after Cleaning Is Our Only Focus

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Who is Nordic Chem?

Nordic Chem, is a global surface protection company with a multinational team with branches all over the world. Including the America’s, Europe, Asia and Africa. With over 25 years of experience in the coating industry, their products are all developed and manufactured through extensive knowledge and a huge amount of passion to bring superior products.

Nordic Chem provides surface protection solutions across a range of industries, private entities, government institutions and manufacturers. Their main goal is to implement a sustainable surface protection program that reduces costs, increases customer satisfaction and promotes consumer confidence.


Water-Based Solution

Using a water based solution means less clean up, no chemical odours and faster drying time

Make the Right Impact

The Eco-Friendly solution means you curb your impact on the environment while reducing water usage

Easy Application

Being water-based means application can be done on same day with fast drying times and minimal disruption


Our product has built in self cleaning properties giving you more time in between cleans

Enhanced Surfaces

Our enhancer creates the natural luster of the surface leaving your job clean long after completion

Surfaces Last Langer

The hydrophobic properties in the product means the surface is protected from moisture making it last longer


The Product

The Antimicrobial Part

This coating’s technology is based on the use of quaternary ammonium microbe silicone compounds (“SiQAC”) as antimicrobial agents, either in solvent, or in aqueous and stable solutions. Making these compounds using a water-based system provides a host of benefits.

HOW IT WORKS The formula is a next generation water-based, long-term antimicrobial coating designed to inhibit the growth of microorganisms for extended periods after application.

Once the coating has dried, it forms an invisible layer of “nanospikes” that penetrate and destroy cell membranes and offers complete surface protection.

Antimicrobial Surface Protection
Hydrophobic Surface Protection

The Surface Enhancing Part

Until now, antimicrobial coatings have been applied on a surface as an unnoticeable transparent barrier. After years of experience of formulating aesthetic water-based coatings in the automotive sector through our sister brand HydroSilex, our technicians managed to combine that technology with our current antimicrobial solution.

This has resulted in a completely unique formulation that revolutionises surface protection and hygiene in the general marketplace. More than an antimicrobial coating, Nordic Chem 2.0 will create a highly repellent layer on the surface. Not only will it protect the substrate from contaminants, it will rejuvenate it to bring a whole new enhanced aesthetic look and also provide a smooth, clean feel to the skin at first touch. Furthermore, the solution has been charged with strong self-cleaning properties which promotes a contaminate free surface.

The product has proven to save the commercial cleaners upwards of 20% in labour due to the coating’s anti-stain and contaminate resistant properties while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction and complete surface protection.


Penetrating Sealers vs Topical Sealers vs Our Surface Protection Solution

Penetrating Sealers

Penetrating sealers are a type of sealant that provide protection by penetrating into the surface of the substrate. They introduce a resin, which can be either natural or synthetic, into the pores of the pavers. Once applied, the sealer’s water or solvent carrier evaporates, leaving behind the hardened resin. This forms an invisible barrier within the substrate that prevents the absorption of unwanted materials. One of the key advantages of this type of sealer is that it allows the the substrate to “breathe” and will not peel or scratch.

Solvent Based Surface Protection
Water based Surface Protection

Topical Sealers

Topical sealers are applied to the surface of the substrate and provide a protective coating to guard against damage. The main function of this type of sealer is to reduce the absorbency of the tile, so that foreign materials will not seep in but will instead stay on the surface where they can be easily wiped away.

These sealers are typically water-based and are easier to apply, compared to solvent-based products which can be more challenging to apply and difficult to remove if applied incorrectly. However, topical sealers can create some problems if used on outdoor tiles. These sealers can trap moisture in the stone and make the surface slippery when wet. Additionally, when a topical sealer wears off in high traffic areas, the entire surface typically needs to be stripped and resealed.

Our Hydrophobic Sealer

In addition to the traditional benefits of penetrating and topical sealers, there are also specialised sealers that have additional features such as being hydrophobic and antimicrobial. Hydrophobic sealers repel water and prevent the absorption of moisture, which can protect the surface from damage caused by environmental factors.

With the addition of an Antimicrobial agent added to the hydrophobic formula that prevents the growth and spread of microorganisms, such as mould and mildew, can help maintain a cleaner and more hygienic surface. These specialised sealers can be especially beneficial for outdoor spaces and high-traffic areas where moisture and bacteria are more likely to be present.

Hydrophobic Water Based Antimicrobial Surface Protection


An Easy Surface Protection Application

The ease of applying a hydrophobic solution to a surface can vary depending on the specific product and the surface it is being applied to. In general, the application process is relatively simple, but it does require some preparation and attention to detail.

Here is a general process on how to apply a hydrophobic solution:

  1. Prepare the surface: Clean the surface thoroughly to remove any dirt, dust, or other debris.

  2. Mix the solution: Follow the instructions on the product label for mixing the solution. It’s important to ensure that the solution is mixed properly to ensure the best results. Our solution is a water based 4:1 mixing ration if purchasing it in the concentrate form.

  3. Applying the solution: Use a brush, roller, microfibre brush/broom, floor squeegee or sprayer to apply the solution to the surface. Be sure to cover the entire surface evenly and take care not to apply too much solution in one area.

  4. Allow the solution to dry: Allow the solution to dry completely, which can take anywhere from 30min to 4hrs, depending on the product thickness and the weather conditions.

  5. Check the surface: After the solution has dried, check the surface to make sure that it has been covered evenly and that there are no missed spots. If necessary, apply a second coat.

Overall, applying a hydrophobic solution is a relatively easy process, but it does require some preparation and attention to detail to ensure the best results.

Surface Protection Application